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Document translation is the core business of Spear, we have over 24 years of experience in translation services and possess a good reputation in the industry, that's why we are able to deliver translation services in high quality and high accuracy.



With the help of Spear Translation to expand your business to overseas markets


In this globalized world of business, getting sales from a single market has been insufficient to beat your competitors, opening up overseas markets is what businesses now think about. However, when you market something in a place where have different culture from yours, the capability to find out its perception towards your product or service is needed so as to catch potential clients' attention and turn them into sales.

We add values to your business via words.

By employing Spear as your translation service provider, you are able to spare time to manage other aspects of your business without worrying about translating pitching materials or product descriptions into your target audiences' language, in turn saving you a lot of start up time and money.

At Spear, most of our in-house translators possess a business-related degree, all of them are capable to translate with business sense. And more, they are all native translators. We have also built a global information network with several universities and organisations worldwide to grasp the latest news and statistics of major markets (know your markets better), that's why Spear is the strategic partner to over 50,000 companies.

Delivering high-return-on-investment linguistic services is the major aim of Spear. Let your sales tell our quality. We are more than a translation company, we generate values to your business!

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Our Promises:

Translation Service Quality


Qualifications of our Translators:

Translation Qualifications


Winner of Translation Awards:

translation award Translation Award2




Background of Spear's Translators


translation Outstanding acedemic backgrounds

translation Shared views of different professions

translation Certified by the ATA or domestic translator associations

translation More than 10 years of both translation and working experiences

translation Professors serve as language consultants at Spear

translation Over 80 In-house Translators and Editors to serve you the best



Legal Document Translation

(Certificates, Birth certificates, Tender, Individual contracts, M&A, Authorities documents, Company registration documents, etc.)

Precision is crucial in Legal Document Translation, any minor mistake could lead to a fatal loss or even fall into lawsuits.


SPEAR Translation is more than professional, because we have:

1) 12 full-time Law-field Translators

2) They possess not less than 10 years of experiences in translation

3) Some of them are sworn translators


Legal Translation

Legal Translation


Financial Document Translation

(Company Annual Reports, Firm Quarterly Journals, Bank Statements, Financial statements, Financial articles, etc.)

Speed and accuracy are both important to financial translation.

Spear Translation provides full financial translation solutions for funds, financial consultancies, financial institutions and companies, including translation of financial reports, prospectuses, contracts, IPOs, notice, blogs, etc.

Background of our Financial Translation Team:

1) 14 in-house Finance-field Translators

2) Academic background of Finance, Acounting or Banking deciplines

3) Over 10 years experience of financial translation

4) Certified by Translation Associations worldwide


Financial Translation

Financial Translation


Commercial Document Translation

(Product guide books, tender documents, all kinds of publicity materials, brochures, advertisements, business contracts, Press Conference Documents, etc.)

1) 13 in-house Copywriting-Translators

2) Academic background of Business-related deciplines

3) Serving over 20,000 regular clients annually for translating their commercial documents

4) We market 20% of the Domestic Commercial Translation sector

Commercial Translation

Commercial Translation

Drug and Medical Translation

(Medical equipment and apparatus guide books, user manual, Patent applications, Medical reports , Inspection reports, Insurance reports, Medical literature and papers, etc.)

1) 6 in-house Medical Translators

2) Pathologists be honorary advisors

3) We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients

4) 3-Layer Proofreading and Editing mechanism, 100% ACCURACY and CONSISTENCY

Drug and Medication Translation

Drug and Medication Translation

Technical Document Translation

(Aviation Document, Transportation, Energy, Chemistry, Information Technology, Mechanical engineering, Petroleum, Electronics, Mining, Jewelry, etc.)

1) 8 full-time Translators

2) 56 Professors from Universities all over the world be our Consultants


Technical document Translation

Technical document Translation


Art Translation

(Artworks, Brochures, Posters, Press documents, Literature, etc.)

1) 2 full-time Art-field Translators

2) Translators are experienced in Artwork exhibition and conceptualizing

3) Our Masterpieces have already been exhibited in many status places, e.g. IFC, HK Expo, HKCEC, PRCCEC, etc.

Art Translation

Art Translation


Magazine and Journal Translation

(Magazines, Inflight Magazines, Press releases, Post, etc.)

Spear Translation is the service provider to some major inflight magazines, including "Discover the Shop" and "Emporium", with over 10 million readership worldwide.

1) 15 full-time Translators and Editors

2) Editorial and Journalist backgrounds

3) 3-layer Proofreading and Editing Mechanism to ensure all translations are 100% accurate

5) On-time project submission

Magazine and Journalism Translation

Magazine and Journalism Translation


Entertainment Materials

(Films, Dramas, Books, Articles, Fictions, Transcripts, etc.)

4 in-house Translators


1) C.A.S.H. Member

2) HK Film Critics Organization

3) Academic Degree major in Communication-related Subjects

Entertainment and Cultural Materials Translation

Entertainment and Cultural Materials Translation



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