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Technical Translation


Technical translation means translating a document written by a technician from one language to another lanugage.

Technician is a specialist of a specific field. For a technical document technician needs to use their knowledge to write and use another language to do the translation. This means they have to possess the equivalent skills and expert knowledge in both their native language and the target language. Translating technical documents requires a high level of skill and attention.

Technical Translation



SPEAR's Technical Translation Services


SPEAR Translation offers technical translation services for industries including Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, IT, Scientific field, Chemicals and Biotics, Clothing and Textiles, Machineries, Logistics, Construction, etc.

Spear works very closely with universities including The Hong Kong University, The Hong Kong Baptist University, Princeton University, Yale University, Tel Aviv University, Tsing Hua University etc., to grasp the latest Information and technological knowledge by which a more complete and up-to-date translation services can be rendered.

We have 8 in-house technical translators working day to day at our office, click-in the translation document category page for more information.


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