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We know you are busy, all you want to receive is a ready-to-go piece of work, to be used immediately for marketing campaign or presentation. That's why we are here to serve.

Creating values for clients are always our mission. With a wide portfolio of job references, Spear is capable of offering clients quality full service, from translating a document to typesetting a publication.



Professional Translation Company Hong Kong


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Translation is our core business, our award-winning quality control mechanism and experiences in project management enable us to deliver extremely high quality translation service for all kinds of documents.

If you have a document translated but not sure if the tone and wordings are readable to your target market, we are here to help.

In-house Editors from our 4 operation centres in Hong Kong, New York, London and Shanghai work 7/24 including weekends and holidays to make sure your document is submitted on time!

Spear is a registered and certified translation company in Hong Kong. We are also the only translation company in Asia whose certifications are recognised by over 150 governments globally.

Our DTP team is trained to work side-by-side with our in-house translation team that typsetting jobs on short notice is not a problem. Multi-lingual document and both righ-to-left / left-to-right languages are supported.

Glossary Building

We know very well about brands. Some brands may have their only glossary list or special wordings, Spear can help to build a word database for you.

A complete glossary list, style guideline and term database enhance consistency and brand image.

Copywriting is an Art of Language. We are very specialized in English and Chinese copywriting. Spear is the strategic partner to several major inflight magazines and hundreds of world brands - to provide copywriting service in their product descriptions, PR articles and advertisement contents. We generate values to your business with our pens.

Content Creation

If you are confused by what should be written in your leaflet, Spear can help. Some of our writers came from the business sector and hold a business degree, and we have built a global network with a number of universities to grasp the latest trend of your target markets - that allows us to know very well about your potential customers and to draw their attentions and turn them into your sales.

We have partnered with several printers and distributors to offer you a full service of translation, printing and publishing.

Testimonials written by clients could generate "word of mouth" effects and gain trust from your potential clients. It is an effective marketing tool that have been used by millions of multinational corporations. Click in to know more about our writing service.







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